Introduction to Fiction Writing (in English)

Laboratorio condotto da: Alice Felci

This is an intensive course, English taught, for those with little or no experience in writing fiction. During the course, we will study the various elements of short fiction–– including character, setting, dialogue, scene, and point of view––through formal lessons in the text and by reading selected short stories. The capacity of transforming a piece of art in a story will be the central and innovative focus for our course, one lesson will be held in Galleria Borghese Museum, participants will be inspired to selected pieces of arts to write their stories.

Each student will write and revise at least one short story, to edit and present to the class.

Date Sign up
from Tuesday, May 8 to Friday, May 11


Class Meetings

Omero - Via Fonteiana 102, Monteverde, Roma – Sala Polifemo

Date: from Tuesday, May 8 to Friday, May 11

Course Tuition

200 euro


Sign up by email at or call us at 06.58331402 or at 349.469.52.83

The course can be purchased online, in one installment and in total security, on our website, or, if you prefer, you can make a bank transfer to Unicredit, agency 15 of Rome, via Giacinto Carini 58 / b, 00152 Rome, Iban code:
BIC SWIFT: UNCRITM1015 (for international payments)
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The course is limited to 15 participants


Tuesday, May 8

10 - 13

Lesson 1 - Telling - Definition of a story, basic elements of dramaturgy

Lesson 2 -Remembering - Starting from personal experiences and keeping autobiographical emotions to find your story and make it more true then reality.

Wednesday, May 9

10 – 13

Lesson 3 Fiction writing and cultural heritage

Galleria Borghese Museum Visit/ Guided Tour

Visual Inspiration from Bernini and Caravaggio pieces of arts.

Thursday, May 10

10 - 13

Lesson 4 - Point of view - Every story has its perspective, each perspective tells a story.

Lesson 5 - Character - The heroes (and anti-heroes) of your story.

Friday, May 11

10 - 13

Lesson 6 -Description - What our eyes see (but also what our senses feel).

Lesson 7 – Editing


Lesson 8 - Presenting your work

Introduction to Fiction Writing (in English)

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